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Department of medical communication


Colleagues of the Department



Department leader

dr. János PIlling



dr. Bernadett Babusa

Irén Csala,

dr. János Kollár

Katalin Nistor (PhD student)

Imola Sándor

dr. Adrienne Stauder

dr. Márta Varga




Course objectives:

Proper communication is essential in effective healing. The aim of the course is to teach communication strategies that can make the doctor’s everyday tasks more effective: how to listen, ask, inform and collaborate with the patient. The subject also contains some recent elements of the doctor-patient relationship, like shared decision making, patient education, and suggestive communication. We emphasize difficult situations in medical practice: communicating bad news, communication with aggressive patients, communicating about sexual problems, and analyzing cultural differences in medical practice.  The main goal of the course is to teach special communication knowledge to medical students that can help them create proper doctor-patient relationship and improve their effectiveness in medical practice.