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Final exam questions



  1. The concept of preventive dentistry, its place in dentistry. The different levels of prevention
  2. Cariesdiagnostics
  3. Caries incipient and the methods of remineralisation
  4. Dental plaque – biofilm
  5. Caries risk – assessment, caries risk patients
  6. Dentin hypersensitivity and its treatment
  7. Dental erosion
  8. Infection – control –  general aspects
  9. Infection – control –  in dentistry
  10. Risk groups – risk patients
  11. Epidemiology of cancer in the mouth, primary prevention
  12. Aetiology of oral cancer
  13. Pillars of the cariesprevention. Possibilities of immunization in cariesprevention
  14. History of fluoride prevention, mechanism of action of fluorides
  15. Systemic fluoridation
  16. WHO recommendations about fluoride prevention, the modern fluoride prevention
  17. Toxicology of Fluoride
  18. Clinical examination of dental plaque and its staining
  19. Oral hygiene indices
  20. Diet and caries. Cariogenity and acidogenity of foods
  21. Sugar substitutes and sweetening agents
  22. Fissure sealant (aim and materials)
  23. Fissure sealants: the use
  24. Pathomechanism and diagnosis of periodontal diseases
  25. Professional oral hygiene
  26. Individual oral hygiene. Toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, supplementary devices, dental floss
  27. Tooth cleaning techniques tooth brushing methods and their frequency
  28. Toothpastes
  29. Iatrogenic damages in dentistry



  1. Health education, health preservation
  2. Health education programs
  3. Dental care in pregnancy
  4. Health education programs in early childhood (0-3 years)
  5. Health education programs in kindergartens
  6. Health education programs at school
  7. Health education programs in adulthood
  8. Dental prevention of elderly patients, and specialities of the dental treatment of patient with systemic disease
  9. Dental caries, caries indices, rank of caries susceptibility
  10. Types of epidemiological studies. Epidemiology of the dental caries
  11. Possibilities of prevention in conservative dentistry
  12. Finishing and polishing of fillings
  13. Environmental aspects in dentistry
  14. Prevention in orthodontics
  15. Integration of preventive methods in the orthodontics
  16. Secondary and tertiary prevention of oral cancer
  17. Fluoridation in Hungary and all over the world, epidemiological aspects
  18. Periodontal disease (idea and aetiology)
  19. Epidemiology of periodontal diseases. Determinants and risk factors
  20. Periodontal status and general health
  21. Indexes in periodontology
  22. Strategy of prevention of periodontal diseases
  23. Periodontal prevention. Programs for children and for adults
  24. Chemical plaque control
  25. Scaling
  26. Consequences of tooth loss
  27. Preventive aspects of Prosthetic dentistry (materials, methods)
  28. Preventive aspects of Prosthetic dentistry (design, cleaning, chewing surface)
  29. The role of Gnathology in the dental prevention – removed