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Pre-clinical course II. Lectures

Lectures of the 1st semester of 2016/2017

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1. Cast metal restorations, temporary fillings 08-Sep Tóth Zs.
2. Tooth preparation for cast metal restorations 15-Sep Nemes J.
3. Tooth-coloured indirect restorations. (Ceramic, composite). Differences in preparation and cementation. Different luting materials. 22-Sep Nemes J.
4. Pathology and therapy of the pulp. Urgent cases in dentistry. 29-Sep Herczegh A.
5. Pathosis in consequence of caries. Symptoms, diagnosis, pathology. 6-Oct Tóth Zs.
6. Endodontic Radiography. Preoperative-working lenght determination (needle-control) and control x-ray. Using of electronic apex-locators. 13-Oct Nemes J.
7. Instruments of root canal treatment 20-Oct Lohinai Zs.
8. Endodontics. Cleaning and shaping, chemical adjuncts, medication. 27-Oct Tóth Zs.
9. Periapical pathosis. Indications, contraidnidcations of endodontic therapy, urgency. 3-Nov Tóth Zs.
10. Midterm 10-Nov  
11. Sealing of root canals. Lateral condensation. The problems of control x-ray. 19-Nov Fazekas Á.
12. Functional and esthetic restoration of root canal treated teeth. 26-Nov Pataky G.
13. Patient assesment and treatment plan. 3-Dec Nagy Zs.
14. Equipments of the dentist’s office, orders of the clinical practical courses. 10-Dec Mikó S.