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Pre-clinical course I. Lectures

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Lectures of the 2nd semester of 2016/2017

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Week  Title Date   Lecturer
1 Introduction to conservative dentistry 2. Feb. Zs. Tóth
2 Anatomy of the teeth and the pulp 9. Feb. Zs. Tóth
3 Dental caries 16. Feb. J. Nemes
4 Therapy of dental caries 23. Feb. J. Nemes
5 Cavity preparation. Black-rules. Amalgam restaurations 1. March J. Nemes
6 Instruments of preparation 8. March J. Nemes
7 Amalgam restaurations 15. March Zs. Tóth


Preparation for amalgam restaurations. Removing old amalgam fillings.  22. March

G. Pataky


Amalgam restaurations in class II. cavities 29. March.

Zs. Tóth


Demonstration 5. Apr.  
  Spring break 12. Apr.  


Temporary filling materials   20. Apr. Zs. Tóth


Preparation for direct composite restaurations 27. Apr. G. Pataky


Adhesive technique 4. May Zs. Nagy


Direct tooth build-up 11. May G. Pataky