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Important Informations for the Students of the English Language Program


  • Attendance list taken every time!(lecture/practice)
  • Student card for certification is needed
  • Student can check absences in the JENYI system
  • Being late 25 %of time= absence
  • Three times being late = 1 absence
  • Max. 25% of classes can be missed
  • No opportunity for retake!
  • Manipulating the catalogue means disciplinary procedure
  • Pictures and sound recordings are not allowed! Photos may only be taken for case report


Evaluation: Practice mark at the end of semester:

  • Oral exam at practices, theoretically being prepared for own patient’s treatment, result of tests written at the practices, level and quality of practical work, assisting, case reports (in IV. and V. year)
  • Result of the midterm exam and all parts of the mark must be min. grade 2
  • Being late (more than 25 % of time = absence)
  • The practice mark is not object of discussion
  • Successful practical exam in Propedeutics in 1. semester of III. year: condition of signing the semester.
  • Before the final exam at the end of the 1. semester in III year entry questions must be successfully answered.
  • Before the exam the student must prove his/her identity by showing his/her identity card.
  • Refusal of signature (= repetition of semester), if:
  • Practice mark does not reach 2
  • Absence more than 25% of practices (more than 3 times!)
  • Lack of one documented case report confirmed by the teacher (till the end of 13. week)(Clinical practice)
  • Fulfilling the above mentioned conditions does not automatically mean excepting the semester

If a student’s performance in practice is insufficient the teacher can refuse the signature even if the student has met the above mentioned criteria


  • Keeping to rules of „Students Practice Room Rules” is obligatory
  • Submission of case report: 13th week of semester (not in III year)(except: 5th year second semester: 11th week)

All students must be able to communicate with their patient.

Student cannot treat patient, if:

  • student is not in Neptun system
  • student is theoretically not prepared for treating own patient
  • patient is not registered at patient reception
  • patent is not in national healthcare system


  • The midterm is a 30 minute exam at lecture (10th week)
  • Topics of the first 9 lectures of the semester, practical knowledge and the related topics of the textbook (in 1. semester of III year no midterm)
  • Retakes:
  • Two times (time will later determined)
  • For those who have missed or failed the midterm
  • Using any aiding methods means disciplinary procedure, an invalid test and failure (1) on the midterm exam


  • No index!
  • Practice mark: given by practice teacher on last practice of semester, in Neptun
  • For the exam the pre-printed performance sheet must be brought


  • Sturdevant’s Art And Science Of Operative Dentistry.
  • Sixth edition. Edited by H. Heymann , Swift jr. and Ritter
    Mosby, St Louis, 2012
  • Walton RE, Torabinejad M ed.:
    Endodontics: Principles and Practice
    Saunders 2009

Contact person for students of the English speaking program: dr. Zsolt Lohinai associate professor


Clinical dentistry I-II