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Important Informations for the Students of the English Language Program


  • Attendance list taken every time! (lecture/practice)
  • Student ID card for certification is needed
  • Being late 25 % of time= absence
  • Three times being late = 1 absence
  • Max. 25% of classes can be missed
  • No opportunity for retake!
  • Manipulating the catalogue means disciplinary procedure
  • Pictures and sound recordings are not allowed! Photos may only be taken for case report


Clinical Practice

  • Evaluation: Practice mark at the end of semester:
    • Oral exam at practices, theoretically being prepared for own patient’s treatment
    • Result of tests written at the  practices
    • Level and quality of practical work
    • Assisting
  • Result of the midterm exam: must be at least grade 2 (that is at least 50 %!)!!!
  • Being late (more than 25 % of time =  absence)
  • The practice mark is not object of discussion
  • Refusal of signature (= repetition of semester), if:
    • Practice mark is fail (1)
    • Absence more than 25% of practices (more than 3 times!)
    • Lack of one documented and by the teacher  confirmed case report

Clinical Practice

  • Keeping to rules of  „Students Practice Room Rules” is obligatory
  • Submission of case report: 13th week of semester  (except: 5th year second semester: 11th week)

Student is not allowed to treat patient, if:

  • student is not in the Neptun system
  • student is theoretically not prepared for treating own patient
  • patient is not registered at the patient’s reception desk
  • patient is not in the national healthcare system


  • The midterm is a 30 minute written exam at lecture (10th week)
  • Topics of the first 9 lectures of the semester and the related topics of the textbook
  • Retake: Twice, for those who have missed or failed the midterm
  • Using any aiding methods means disciplinary procedure, an invalid test and a fail (1) on the midterm exam


  • No index!
    • Practice mark: given by practice teacher on last practice of semester in Neptun

For the exam the pre-printed performance sheet must be brought


  • Sturdevant’s Art And Science Of Operative Dentistry.
  • Sixth edition. Edited by H. Heymann , Swift jr. and Ritter
    Mosby, St Louis, 2012
  • Walton RE, Torabinejad M ed.:
    Endodontics: Principles and Practice
    Saunders 2009

Requirement system:
The averages of the practice , the theoretical and midterm grades must individually reach minimum 2.0

Clinical dentistry I-II