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Conservative Dentistry II. Lectures

Lectures of the 1st semester of 2016/2017

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1. Preventive endodontics: significance of the pulp protection. Endodontal diagnostics 07-Sep Tóth Zs.
2. Endodontic microbiology 14-Sep Komora P.
3. Endodontics: Access preparation and length determination 21-Sep Pataky G.
4. Endodontics: cleaning and shaping of root canals 28-Sep Herczegh A.
5. Shaping of the Root Canal System: hand and rotary instrumentation techniques 5-Oct Vág J..
6. Obturation techniques (cold and warm gutta-percha techniques) 12-Oct Vág J.
7. Evaluation of Endontic Outcomes 19-Oct Vág J.
8. Endodontic emergencies. 26-Oct Lohinai Zs.
9. Endodontic and Periodontal interrelationships 02-Nov Vág J.
10. Midterm 09-Nov  
11. Endodontic management of traumatic dental injuries 20-Nov Fazekas R.
12. Definitive restorations of root canal treated teeth, post and core build-up, single crowns 27-Nov Szabó E.
13. Surgical treatments related to Endodontics. Methods and indications. 4-Dec Fazekas Á.
14. Radiology in Conservative Dentistry 11-Dec Iványi I.