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Semmelweis Innovációs Nap 2019

2019. december 4. 14:00-tól (Kapunyitás: 13:30)






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Are you a Semmelweis Student?
Did you always want to become the best doctor? Do you have what it takes to be the best diagnostician? Try yourself and compete with your friends in the Diagnostic Competition at the Semmelweis Innovation Day organized by the Semmelweis University and InSimu.
What is InSimu?
InSimu a virtual patient simulator app. The InSimu Patient app (available on Android and iOS as well) provides a safe virtual environment for medical students to practice diagnostic thinking on an infinite number of virtual patients.
Click here to download the app:
How does the competition work?
In the competition you have to diagnose 3 virtual patients in 20 minutes in the most time and cost efficient way. You can solve the Challenge anytime from 8AM-16PM 4 December 2019.
What can you win:
1st Place: 6 months of InSimu Subscription, 50.000.Ft Corvin Pláza Voucher
2nd Place: 3 months of InSimu Subscription
3rd Place: 2 months of InSimu Subscription
How to join the competition?
1. Download the InSimu Patient app:
(In case of downloading the app for the first time, please solve the first diagnostic case, Elisabeth Doe, or just skip it by clicking on the Click here link on the bottom of first screen.)
2. On the main screen, go the Settings menu and login or sign up.
3. Please complete your profile in the app (your given name will be displayed on an online certificate that you will receive via email).
4. Activate this code in the Settings menu: SOTE
5. Once you activated the code, the Semmelweis Innovation Day Challenge will be available on the Challenges tab in the app in inactive status.
6. The Challenge can be solved anytime from 8AM-16PM 4 December 2019.