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The tissue samples are made available free of charge to qualified researchers or research laboratories worldwide after signing a statement (Form No. 1.) about scientific collaborations with the HBTB and a declaration (Form No. 2.) of the proper use of human samples strictly for research studies.

The dissected human samples are for medical research examinations. The materials must be studied in the course of an approved research project, which has scientific aims and is devoid of any commercial profit for the researches involved and for their respective institutions. The samples will not be provided to anybody else.

The scientific partners may receive full information about family, clinical, pathological and neuropathological reports of the departed person, as well as about the technical details of the microdissection procedure and the storage of the samples.

The use and the fate of the dissected human brain samples should be reported to the HBTB after the final step of the research procedure. If the samples are not used completely, the remaining portions should be buried. If the burial of the samples would be unaccomplished, they should be resubmitted to the HBTB.