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Tábi, Tamás

Dr. Tamás Tábi, PhD
Associate Professor

Office: 813
Tel.: +36 1 4591500/56412

Publications: PubMed, Google Scholar, MTMT

Curriculum vitae:
2001pharmacist, Semmelweis University
2015pharmacology specialization
Scientific degree(s):
2006PhD, Semmelweis University
2001-Department of Pharmacodynamics, Semmelweis University
2001-2004PhD student
2004-2006Junior researcher
2006-2010Assistant lecturer
2010-2018Assistant professor
2018-Associate professor
Educational activities:
2004-practices - pharmacology and toxicology
2005-lectures and practices - drug therapy
2005-diploma work tutor
2007-lectures - pharmacology and toxicology
2006-postgraduate trainings for pharmacists organized by the Semmelweis University, the Hungarian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Egis
2007-lectures and consultant in pharmacology specializing training of pharmacists
2013-PhD tutor
Scientific interests:
The role of insulin signaling in nerodegenerative and neuroprotective processes
Application of capillary electrophoresis technique for analysis of biological samples
The role SSAO enzyme in chronic disorders.
Editorial board membership(s):
Gyógyszerészek Lapja - member of the board
Universitiy function(s):
2010-Member of the Council of Student’s Scientific Association of the Semmelweis University
Public function(s):
2011-2016Leader of the Board of Foundation for the Hungarian Pharmacutical Sciences
2016-Member of the Education Commitee of the Hungarian Chamber of Pharmacists
2016-Financial Secretary of the Hungarian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
2004Ifjabb Dr. Farkas Zsolt memorial award 2nd price
2004, 2006Dr. Mozsonyi Sándor Foundation Award 1st price (PhD student category)
2007Anoli Award of Hungarian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
2008Appreciation of the Minister of Health, as a member of the Department of Pharmacodynamics, Semmelweis University
2011Excellent Scientist Award of Aesculap Foundation for Pharmaceutical Science and Education
2015Excellence in Teaching Award of Semmelweis University
2016Merit Award of Faculty of Pharmacy, Semmelweis University