1st semester 2019/2020. I.

Odontotechnology and Prosthodontics Preclinical Course III. Requirements
Information for the students
There is no lecture in the first semester of the III-rd year


2nd semester 2019/2020. II.

Prosthodontics I.
Information for the students  
1. The reasons and the consequences of tooth loss. Complains, medical history, extra-oral and intra-oral examination, treatment plans and prognosis at edentulous patient Dr. Péter Kivovics  
2. Infection control in dentistry. The upper and the lower denture bearing area Dr. Péter Kivovics  
3. First impression, casting, outline of the special tray Dr. Péter Kivovics  
4. Second (working) impression, mucostatic and mucodisplacive techniques. Beading and boxing, casting of working impression Dr. Péter Kivovics  
5. Basic gnathology. (OVD, RVD, freeway space, RCP, ICP, Posselt diagram, canine guidance, unilateral and bilateral balanced occlusion) Dr. Péter Kivovics  
6. Jaw registration. (type of articulators, face bow registration) Dr. Péter Kivovics  
7. Mounting in articulator, setting up the teeth Dr. Péter Kivovics  
8. Try-in procedure, flasking and packing (processing) at complete denture Dr. Péter Kivovics  
9. Fitting and advice to the patient. Short time and long time recall procedures Dr. Péter Kivovics  
10. Implant techniques Dr. Péter Kivovics  
11. Emergency denture. Immediate denture Dr. Péter Kivovics  
12. Copy denture. Relining, rebasing, repairing of complete denture Dr. Péter Kivovics