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Symbols indicating supervisory bodies:

Rector Vice-Rector for General and Educational Affairs
Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs
  Medical Director (EFMI) ο Director of Economic Networking Management
ο the unit’s work is related to the Office of Educational Organisation 

The governing body of Semmelweis University is the Senate. ⇒ Go to the Senate of Semmelweis University…

Units managed:

  Units managed:

  Vice-Rector for General and Educational Affairs   Central Directorates General
Units supervised and managed:

  • Professional supervision:

Office for Education Management

Units managed:

  • Directorate General of Human Resources
    • Directorate of Labour
    • Directorate of Procedures and Payroll Management
  • Directorate General of Economic Management
    • Directorate of Finance
    • Directorate of Controlling
    • Directorate of Procurement
    • Directorates of the University’s Educational and Clinical Centres
  • Directorate General of Legal and Administrative Affairs
    • Directorate of Legal Affairs
    • Directorate of Administration and Record Management
    • Coordinators of Equal Opportunities
  • Directorate General of Technical Affairs
    • Directorate of Investment and Maintenance
    • Directorate of Security Service
    • Directorate of Informatics
    • Directorate of Facility and Property Management
    • Directorate of Services
  Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs   Central Directorates
Directorates managed by the Chancellor…

  Vice-Rector for Clinical Affairs   OTHER UNITS
Units supervised…


Faculties, clinics and departments …