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Dr. József Tímár

President of the Doctoral Council

Budapest, 12 January 1952


1970 Budapest, Berzsenyi D. High School
1976  Semmelweis Medical University, (341/76, summa cum laude)
1980  Specialisation in Pathology (931/80, excellent)
2010  Specialisation in Molecular Genetics

1973-1999 1st Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research, Semmelweis University
1973-1976  Paid graduate assistant
1976-1983  Assistant professor
1984-1989  Senior assistant professor
1990-1995  Associate professor
1995- Professor of pathology (KE265/95)
1999-2008 National Institute of Oncology, Dept. Tumour Progression, Department Head
2008- Director, 2nd Department of Pathology, Semmelweis University
2012-2015 Vice-Rector for General and Educational Affairs, Semmelweis University
2015- President, SE Doctoral Council

1988 Tumour biological role of surface glycoconjugated molecules (12006/88) A sejtfelszín glycoconjugált molekuláinak tumorbiológiai szerepe
1995 Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  (3439/95) The role of tumour cell-extracellular matrix interrelationship in tumour progression
2010 Member of the  Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Professional Activities:
Pathology training for English-Hungarian medical students
Pathology differential diagnostics (tumour diagnostics)
Histology assistant training
Ph.D. training

Doktoranduszok száma: 16; ebből fokozatot szerzettek száma: 10

1983-84, 1986, 1989 Research fellow, EM Unit, Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK
1987, 1988 Research fellow, CNRS Connective Tissue Biochemical Laboratory, University of Paris XII. Créteil, France
1990-1991 Research fellow – tutor,  Wayne State University, Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Detroit, MI, USA

Memberships in Scientific Societies:
1976- Hungarian Society of Oncologists
1993-1997. Hungarian Society of Oncologists – Secretary General
1980- Hungarian Society of Pathologistsa
1980- Hungarian Society of Biologists, Section of Cell Biology
1980- Hungarian Microscopy Society
2001-2008 National Oncology Research & Development programme – Head of Consortium
2001-2008 Metastasis Research Society – Board Member
2001-2008 European Association for Cancer Research
2001-2008 International Academy of Pathology
2001-2008 American Association for Cancer Research
2008 President, Hungarian Society of Pathologists
2011 Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer, USA
2012 European Society of Pathology – Advisory Board Member

Memberships in Professional Boards:
1990-1994  Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Medical Division, Oncology Committee
1998-Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Biology Division, Cell Biology (secretary)
1993- Hungarian Professional Board of Oncology
2000-2002 Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Theoretical Medical Scientific Committee (Secretary)
2004-2008  Hungarian Academy of Sciences,, 2nd Medical Committee
2004-2008 Medical Scientific Committee, Clinical and Experimental Oncology Committee
2002-2007 National Scientific Research Fund, Life Sciences Committee, Pathology Committee Member
2004-2008 Professional Board of Pathology
2011- President, Professional Board of Pathology
2013-2015 János Bolyai Board of Trustees Research Fellowship of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Expert Advisory Board member

International Collaborations:
1987- Semmelweis University – Liege University, Belgium: collaboration between Universities
1987-1989 CNRS-Semmelweis University 1st Institute of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research: Hungarian-French Scientific Technical Collaboration
1987-1989 Institute of Cancer Research – Semmelweis University 1st Institute of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research: Hungarian-British Technical and Scientific Collaboration
1995-2000 NATO Lab Linkage Programme: Wayne State University, Detroit
1994-1997. NIH/Fogarty Collaborative Research Program: Karmanos Cancer Center, Detroit, MI

2000- Hungarian Oncology (Editor-in-chief)
1995- Pathology Oncology Research (Founder, Co-ditor)
1995- Clinical and Experimental Metastasis (Advisory Board Member)
2006- J Clinical Oncology Hungarian edition (Editor-in-chief)
2001- Cancer and Metastasis Reviews(Advisory Board Member)

Honours and awards:
1983 Outstanding Scientific Work – awarded by the Ministry of Health
1994 Huzella prize – awarded by the Semmelweis University
1996 „Best Teacher of the Year” – awarded by the Semmelweis University
1997 Széchenyi Professor Fellowship – awarded by the Ministry of Education
1998 Hungarian Academy of Sciences Award
2001 Markusovszky Prize – awarded by the Hungarian Medical Journal
2003 Krompecher Prize – awarded by the Hungarian Society of Oncologists
2003 Best Teacher of Ph.D. students – awarded by the Semmelweis University
2005 Hungarian Academy of Sciences Award
2005 George Weber Prize – awarded by the Hungarian Society of Oncologists
2008 Baló József Prize – awarded by the Hungarian Society of Pathologists
2010 Romhányi György Prize – awarded by the Romhányi Foundation

Foreign language publications: 209
Hungarian publications: 66
Books: foreign language: 3, Hungarian: 2
Book chapters: foreign language: 29, Hungarian: 42
Textbook chapters: 8
Cumulative impact factor: 517,6
Number of independent citations: 3176