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1769(November 7) Semmelweis University’s legal predecessor, the Medical Faculty at the University of Nagyszombat, is founded.
1777The University of Nagyszombat moves to Buda and is renamed the Royal University of Buda.
1780(March 25) the Diploma Inaugurale (a.k.a. the Magna Carta) is issued by Empress Maria Theresa.
1784The University moves to its permanent home in Pest and is renamed the Royal University of
1848-1849The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and War of Independence against the Habsburg Empire; many of the University’s students and professors actively participate in the events.
1868Hungarian becomes the official language of instruction.*
1870-1911Period of large-scale construction, creation of new departments and the standardisation of medical training. Üllői út becomes the Medical Faculty’s central axis.
1895Women are legally permitted to take medical and pharmacy courses.
1914-1918World War I; a large portion of the University’s students and faculty enlist in the Austro-Hungarian army.
1922Medical training reform, including the introduction of the joint training of researchers and
medical practitioners.
1939-1945World War II.
1944Forced evacuation of 600 medical and pharmacy students, as well as faculty members, to Halle and Austria by the Hungarian Arrow Cross.
1951(1 February) The Faculty of Medicine becomes an independent university, the Medical University of Budapest.
1952The training of dentists is introduced.
1956Revolution of 1956; many of the University’s students and professors take an active part in the revolt – and suffer the consequences afterward

The University’s buildings suffer immense damage during the Soviet retaliation.
1969(7 November) On the bicentennial of the founding of the Medical Faculty, the University changes its name to Semmelweis University of Medicine in honour of Ignác Semmelweis.
1970sGreat increase in the number of foreign students studying at the University.
1983German-language programme is introduced.
1989English-language programme is introduced.
2000(1 January) Three new faculties are integrated into the University (College of Health Care, Health Sciences, Physical Education and Sport Sciences) and the University is renamed Semmelweis University.
2001(December 31) The Faculty of Health Sciences is dissolved, leaving Semmelweis University with five faculties.
2007The College of Health Care, renamed the College of Health Sciences in 2005, goes through its final name change, officially becoming the Faculty of Health Sciences.
2010Establishment of the Faculty of Health and Public Services, Semmelweis University’s sixth faculty.
2014Separation of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences from Semmelweis University

* Although Hungarian had already been declared the official language of instruction in 1844, this move was reversed following the defeat of the Revolution of 1848.