What are the Foreign Students’ Secretariat’s office hours? And where?

EOK (Basic Medical Science Center) 37-47 Tűzoltó utca, 1st Floor, room 1.604

13.00 – 15.00
13.00 – 15.30
9.30 – 12.00
10.00 – 12.00

How do I get my class schedule for the next term? http://ora.semmelweis.hu/aktualis/

How do I get a Student card?  – Read detailed information for the students of all faculties – Student Card Request (pdf)

Grade book

How many credits do I need to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine?

360 credits

How many credits do I have to take per semester?

Please see your semester curriculum in the Calendar. The amount of the required credits are set out by each semester’s curriculum under the curriculum schedule.

As a general guideline, you should as a minimum, take 30 credits on average in each term to reach the required 360 credits by the end of the 6th year.

How many credits do I have to earn in order to remain at school?

Students whose cumulative credit amount falls below certain prescribed standards are dismissed from the University. Such dismissal occurs, if after completing the fourth consecutive, active semester the cumulative credit amount from compulsory and obligatory elective courses is less than 50% of the credit points that can be obtained from compulsory courses in the given period.




When do I have to submit my grade book to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat?

You must submit your index with all grades and signatures to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat immediately after your last exam in the semester.

When can I collect my grade book from the Secretariat?

Following written notification from the Foreign Students’ Secretariat and a few days prior to the start of the exam period. 

Do I have to get my grade book signed for courses I got exempted from?

No. You do not have to get your grade book signed for subjects from which you have been exempted so please do not take your grade book to that department.


When do I have to submit the form for my completed summer practice?

You must submit the form of completion for the nursing practice before the start of the 3rd year, for the internal medicine practice before the start of the 4th year and for surgery practice before the start of the 5th year. Please note: students are not allowed to proceed to the next year unless the form of completion is submitted to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat before registration.  

Where can I get blank forms for my summer practice?

Please visit the Official forms menu and look for the Summer practice part

What should I do when applying for summer practice at a Semmelweis department?

You can choose to perform your summer internships at the departments/ hospitals of Semmelweis University. You do not need to get accreditation forms for Semmelweis hospitals but you will be required to submit the form of completion once you are done with your summer practice. To organize your practice and ensure that you will be accepted you should contact the relevant department and speak with your tutor.

Please note: some Semmelweis departments require that you do a special registration via Neptun for their summer practice. About details and departmental regulations, please consult your tutor.



When is my tuition fee due?

31 August for first semester 
31 January for second semester

What is my tuition per semester?

All continuing students will remain on the same fee rate as when they first enrolled in the program. Students who take a semester off, failed a year, or transferred from another university has to pay the tuition fee of that specific year they join the program (again).

If I haven’t paid my tuition fee by the due date will I be charged a late fee?

Please be informed about the new rules regarding tuition fee payment and penalty.

  • Students have one month (counted from the first day of the semester) for paying the tuition fee of the given semester without penalty. (Please note that students cannot get a student certificate, a valid insurance or validation of their student card until their tuition fee is completely settled.)
  • After the semester’s first month has passed, the tuition fee can be paid with a default penalty of 500 USD.
  • The latest deadline for paying the tuition fee and penalty is the last day of the study period. (Please note that students cannot register for any exam until their tuition fee plus penalty are completely settled.)
  • If the above final deadline is missed, i.e. the tuition fee plus penalty are not settled by the end of the study period, the tuition fee for the current semester can no longer be paid, student’s status will remain Active, but every signature acquired and every grade earned by the student during the semester will be deleted.

Please take the above rules and deadlines seriously as they will be strictly enforced.

What are the consequences of not paying the tuition fee?

Students who have not paid their tuition in full by the published deadline will have their exam registrations put on hold. Students will not be allowed to register for exams until their tuition and fees are paid; there will be no exceptions.

What sum should I transfer to ensure full payment of the tuition fee?

To ensure full payment, please consider that a transfer fee is usually applied when sending money by bank transfer. When transferring the exact amount for the tuition fee, a transfer fee might be deducted from that amount, rendering your tuition fee deficient. Therefore, please contact your home bank prior to transferring the tuition fee and find out whether the bank deducts a transfer fee from the transferred amount. If yes, please pay the transfer fee in addition to the tuition fee. It is your responsibility to ensure timely and full payment of your tuition.

It is important for you to keep in mind that checking whether the tuition fee has been paid properly is your responsibility. You are recommended to contact your registrar each term approximately one week before the payment deadline to find out whether the tuition fee has arrived without any problems. If this is done in advance then you should not have any further difficulties with your tuition fee.

What am I to do if I am late with my payment? What if my tuition fee arrived but is not complete and I received written notice on it?

Students with tuition deficiency will be contacted by the Foreign Students’ Secretariat. Following receipt of a written notice, exactly indicating the missing amount, you will be required to make the transfer.

If you are unsure how much you need to pay or have questions regarding financial arrangements, payment methods, etc., please contact your registrar.

How do I transfer tuition so that the exact amount shows up in the account of the academic program?

Each term several students fall behind with their tuition payments. The following is to prevent any misunderstandings: The tuition fee is due in full by registration to both semesters. Anything less than the total tuition fee, paid on or before the above mentioned dates, is considered deficient. Since you are responsible for covering any international wire transfer fees incurred while making your payment, you should speak with your bank to ensure that Semmelweis University will receive the full amount due; it is your responsibility to be aware of any fees or currency fluctuations that might render your tuition deficient.

Your tuition fee does not include the bank charges/ transfer fees; these must be paid apart from your tuition fee. Any and all wire transfer fees incurred by all banks are the student’s responsibility to pay. It is important for you to keep in mind that ensuring that your tuition fee has been paid properly is your responsibility. The tuition fee is recognized as paid, if the full amount has been received and shows up in the bank account no later than the above dates. Since bank wires take several days to reach Hungary, please contact your bank before the due date to ensure that your wire will be received by the University before the deadline. Students will not be allowed to register for exams until their tuition and fees are paid; there will be no exceptions.

Do I qualify for a tuition reduction? How do I know if I am eligible for receiving a refund?

Students whose average reaches a certain level are eligible for a tuition reduction under the following conditions:

Students may apply for a reduction after completing the first semester of the first academic year if their semester weighted average results were 4.51. From the third semester the reduction is granted under an extra condition, if, from the end of the second semester, all their semester weighted average results were continuously above 4.51. The reduction is USD 700 with average results above 4.51 and USD 1,000 with average result of 5.00.

Students may apply for a reduction after completing each semester on condition they meet the above requirements, and in case they have completed all the obligatory semester subjects, and gained minimum 20 credits in each semester.

No reduction is given in case of exemption from one or more subjects (except from PE).

No reduction is given during retaken semesters on account of subjects already completed.

Students eligible for the tuition fee reduction pay with USD 700 / USD 1,000 reduced tuition fee in the next semester.

Application deadlines – first semester:  September 15th 
Application deadlines – second semester: February 15th 

Note: the weighted average is calculated.

Further reductions, see under title Reduction of Tuition Fee. 



What is my study average?

Study average means the weighted average, which is a way to measure a student’s academic success in school. The weighted average is calculated from the grades and the credit points belonging to each subject. For each completed course for the previous semester, the number of credit points must be multiplied with the grade received. All subjects are added up and then this amount is divided by the total number of credits collected in the semester.

How do I calculate my average?

Example for one semester:

Basics of Biostatistics and Informatics:
Hungarian Medical Terminology I.:
Basics of Medical Physics:
Medical Chemistry:
Basics of Medical Chemistry:
Medical Terminology:
Physical Education I.
grade of 3 for 9 credits
grade of 4 for 3 credits
grade of 5 for 4 credits
grade of 5 for 3 credits
grade of 4 for 6 credits
grade of 5 for 3 credits
grade of 5 for 2 credits
= 27
 = 12
= 20
= 15
= 24
= 15
= 10

∑: 27 + 12 + 20 + 15 + 24 + 15 + 10 = 123

Number of credits earned in the semester: 30
Weighted average from the first semester: 123/ 30 = 4.1

What is the difference between weighted average and cumulative weighted average?

The weighted average and cumulative weighted average are based on grades given for each course taken and the number of credit hours specified for those courses over the specified period of time (one term for weighted average; more or all terms for cumulative weighted average). The difference between the two is that weighted average is calculated for one semester of the year and cumulative weighted average is based on two or more semesters of the individual.


What if I can’t attend an exam or class at the time scheduled?

Students are required by university regulations to present written justification stating the reasons of their absence.  Upon returning to school after an absence, students should report to the department’s office and present a doctor’s note, if their absence was caused by medical reasons. Excuses not provided within 3 days after the missed exam or class will result in the absence being marked as an unexcused absence.

It should be noted that the student will be recorded absent even if s/he is absent for a valid reason such as sickness. In the case of absence with a valid reason, an official document that proves the reason of absence should be provided. The department has the right to reject any document of questionable credibility. If you are sick and cannot take the exam or class, you should telephone your tutor immediately and leave a message for the department office even if this is not the first day of your absence.

Do I have to pay a fine if in case of my absence from an exam remains uncertified?

Yes. Please see „Extra curricular fees” in the Calendar

How do I pay my missed exam fees online?

Go to Finances/ Payment
Transcribe item
Payment titles: Service
Service type: Missed exam fee (4000 HUF)

If you choose to pay by check please visit the Foreign Students’ Secretariat to collect your check. The check must be paid at the post office.

Do I have to pay for exams?

Students have to pay for their second and third retake exam (3rd and 4th exam) for a given subject. Please see „Extra curricular fees” in the Calendar

How do I order a check for my 3rd or 4th exam in a given subject?

First, please read the section titled “Extra curricular fees” in the Calendar, where you’ll find the different extracurricular fees. Log on to your Neptun account, go to „Finances”, choose „Payment”, then „Transcribe item”. Choose „Retake exam”, choose „Semester” then the relevant subject from the list and finally click on „Create item”.

You can choose to pay your retake exam fees online via the Neptun system or by check. To pay online you will have to select ’Payment by credit card’ from the two payment options offered to you.

If you choose to pay by check please visit the Foreign Students’ Secretariat to collect your check. The check must be paid at the post office, the check stub is to be presented on site prior to the exam. 




Should I go directly to the department when applying for an exemption?

Yes, except in case of Physical Education, summer practices and First Aid. Physical education medical certificates and certificates/degree proving the completion of summer practices/first aid course must be submitted to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat by registration to both semesters each year. For a physical education exemption you must also submit a letter of request describing your problem in a few words and apply for a permission to be exempted from the subject. The request letter must be addressed to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat.

For other subjects you must first get a blank exemption form from the Foreign Students’ Secretariat. Then, you must show the form and certificate of your previous studies to the competent department, which will be reviewed before granting an exemption from the subject. You need to get your exemption form signed and stamped at the department.

Important: the teacher must indicate the grade for the subject on the form. After having the form completed and stamped, you have to return it to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat for processing. If everything is OK with the form, your registrar will enter the given grade into the Neptun system and indicate it in your grade book. If you successfully complete the above, you have no further obligations regarding that particular subject.

Approved exemptions must be submitted to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat by the start of the semester!

Can I be exempt from Physical Education if I have a gym membership?

No. You will not be exempt because of your gym membership so please do not apply for an exemption on these grounds.

What is the process of submitting a doctor’s note for Physical Education exemption?

If you are requesting an exemption from physical education due to medical complications that inhibit you from partaking in physical activity for an indefinite time; you then must submit evidence to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat in Hungarian or in English language from a licensed health care practitioner that documents a diagnosis of a temporary physical or mental disability. 


What do the so-called CV and FM exams mean?

CV and FM are abbreviations. CV stands for the Hungarian term „Csak Vizsga”, meaning „Exam only”. The term indicates that the student has already received the signature for taking the course, that is, fulfilled the semester requirements and only the exam is missing, which can be taken in the following semester.

FM stands for the Hungarian term „Felmentett”, meaning „Exempt”. This term also indicates that the subject requirements have been fulfilled and student only needs to take the exam.  The student is not obliged to take the course again, however since the subject is offered again, he/she can decide to do so. (Should the student decide to attend the course again, even though he/she has already fulfilled the requirements, the same rules shall apply to him/her as to those attending the class for the first time (Absence, attendance at classes, etc.))

Do I have to fail a course at least once in order to be allowed to take the CV course in the next term?

No. You can roll over all 3 exam opportunities to the following semester and take them as a CV course.

How many retake opportunities do I have in a semester and in an academic year?

There are 3 exam opportunities in each subject per semester (1 exam, and 2 retakes) when the subject is offered as a normal or FM course. In the following semester – when the subject is offered as a CV course – only the remaining chances left from the previous semester can be used. There is a special 4th try once a year (the 3rd retake), which may be used exclusively in 1 chosen subject. After using this 4th exam opportunity in one subject, the student shall not have a 4th try in any other subjects; they also will not be granted “special permission” for a 5th opportunity. Please count your remaining exam opportunities carefully!

For example, if you use 2 exam opportunities for Biophysics II in the 2nd semester, you will have only one remaining opportunity for the retake in the following semester (plus the one extra (4th) chance, if you haven’t used it already in that specific academic year in another subject).



What is a prerequisite?

Prerequisites are courses that must be taken before another course. For example, Medical Chemistry is a prerequisite for Medical Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology I.

Students must successfully complete Medical Chemistry before registering for Medical Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology I. Please note that prerequisites are clearly listed in the curriculum.

What is a corequisite?

Corequisistes are courses that must be taken at the same time as normal courses. Registration for corequisites must be done prior to registration for normal courses in the given term. Corequisites are marked with a star symbol in the Calendar of each semester’s curriculum affected (e.g. 3rd and 4th year)



What do I need to do if I am planning to take a leave of absence?

If you take a semester off you will need to email your registrar and register for a ’passive’ semester via the Neptun system during the registration period for the next semester. 

For details, please see the Neptun manual/ Registration in the beginning of the Calendar

What do I need to do if I am returning from a leave of absence?

Contact your registrar for procedures regarding returning from an official leave of absence and check your Neptun account on a regular basis. Make sure your tuition fee is paid by the relevant deadline.




What is a transcript? How do I request my transcript?

The transcript is an official statement of all results achieved through study at Semmelweis University as of the date of printing. You cannot have a transcript until all grades are posted in the Neptun student information system by the departments and your grade book is submitted to the Foreign Students’ Secretariat with all results. It is the department’s responsibility to upload the exam results to the Neptun system.

Transcript requests must be made in writing. To make your request, you may stop by the Foreign Students’ Secretariat or send it via e-mail. You can indicate in your request if you would like us to forward the transcript to your email address. Processing of transcript requests takes approximately 5 business days. However, during certain times of the year there will be a slight delay, 2-3 days, due to the heavy volume of requests. The fee for the transcript must be paid for prior to the issuance of the transcript(s). Please be sure to allow sufficient processing time for your request.

Please note: the university may discontinue or suspend this service at any time without notice if the fee for the transcript is not paid.