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Entrance Examinations

Contents of the Entrance Exams

The exams consist of multiple choice tests in Biology, Chemistry and English, followed by an oral examination, which will focus on the applicant’s knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and English, and will be supplemented by a personal interview that aims to examine the applicant’s professional attitude, too.

Guideline of Topics for the Entrance Exam

at the Faculty of General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy – 2018/2019 Academic Year:

  1. Evolution: chemical and biological aspects
  2. Chemical background in Biology: Structure of atoms; Molecules – chemical bonds; Solutions; Chemical reactions; Inorganic constituents; Hydrocarbons; Organic compounds containing Oxygen or Sulphur; Organic compounds containing Nitrogen; Carbohydrates; Amino acids and Proteins; Lipids; Vitamins; Nucleic acids. 
  3. The cell and its organization (morphology and function): Prokaryotes (viruses, bacteria) and Eukaryotes (focus on cilia and flagella, cell wall, cell membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi, lysosome, mitochondrion, plast, ribosome, centriole, nucleus, nucleolus). 
  4. From cells to tissues of different structure and function (plant and animal tissues as well). 
  5. Cell division: mitosis and meiosis. 
  6. Anabolic and catabolic pathways regarding nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (photosynthesis, bioenergetics included). 
  7. The physiology of living organisms: respiration, ingestion and digestion, excretion, circulation, endocrine and neural regulation, immunobiology, locomotion. 
  8. Reproduction and development of animals. 
  9. Genetics: Mendelian inheritance, human genetics. 
  10. Basic ethology.

Note: In all of these questions, knowledge of English terminology is required!


The evaluation of the Entrance Examinations will be performed by the University Board.

Date of Examinations for 2018

Date City Country Host of the examination
March 3-4 Oslo Norway Bjørknes Høyskole
March 23-24 Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Ghassan El Rifai – Univer360
March 24-25 Hannover Germany Christopher Musmann – MEDIZINSTUDIUM
April 4-5 Toronto Canada Julia Barta
April 7 Los Angeles USA George Matsik
April 14-15 Milano Italy U4You University for You – Dafina Dicheva
April 14-15 Madrid Spain Christopher Musmann – MEDIZINSTUDIUM
April 17-18 Tokyo Japan Hideya Ishikura – HMU
April 19-21 Budapest Hungary College International
April 21 Istambul Turkey Merve Taskin – Eduideal
April 22-23 Tel-Aviv Israel Roni Fried – University International Studies
April 23 Delhi India Ranjit Plaha
April 23-26 Seoul South Korea FEPC Korea, Medisociety Korea and USAEDUKOREA
April 27-28 Abu Dhabi U.A.E Univer360
April 27-29 Budapest Hungary Avicenna
April 28 Beijing China EU-Sino – Kelly Zhang
May 1 Shanghai China OSEN Meds/OSEN Overseas Affairs Service Co. LTD – Ellen Wang
May 12-13 Dublin Ireland Dr. Timothy J. O’Leary
May 13-15 Tel-Aviv Israel Roni Fried – Univerity International Studies
May 15-17 Budapest Hungary College International
May 16 Stockholm Sweden Dr. Moshe Cohen, Chen Stein – Medical Doctor International Studies
May 16 Taipei Taiwan Lincoln Management consultants co. – Michelle Shih 
May 18-19 Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Ranjit Plaha  
May 25-27 Budapest Hungary Avicenna
May 26 London UK Ranjit Plaha
May 26-27 Hannover Germany Christopher Musmann – MEDIZINSTUDIUM
June 2-3 Budapest Hungary Semmelweis University
June 2-3 Oslo Norway Bjørknes Høyskole
June 2 Los Angeles USA George Matsik
June 2 Limassol Cyprus Alexandros Charalambides – M.D.K. Educational Consultants Ltd.
June 5-6 Budapest Hungary College International
June 9 Milano Italy U4You University for You – Dafina Dicheva
June 17-18 Tel-Aviv Israel Roni Fried – Univerity International Studies
June 20-21 Madrid Spain Christopher Musmann – MEDIZINSTUDIUM
June 22-23 Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Univer360
June 29 New Delhi India Ranjit Plaha  
June 30 Los Angeles USA George Matsik
July 16 Deerfield USA John Kadar
August 18 London UK Ranjit Plaha