Jubilee Ball of the 250th Anniversary of Semmelweis University

Location: Nagyvárad tér Theoretical Building, Budapest Nagyvárad tér 4.

Date: 2020.02.14.

We cordially invite every Semmelweis Student and their partner to the Jubilee Ball to celebrate the 250th Year of the Foundation of Semmelweis University.

During the evening there will be a delicious dinner and a ball to celebrate this remarkable anniversary. Two kinds of invitations can be aquired: one with the dinner and one without it, so everyone can be a part of this wonderful event.

Invitation with dinner: 3500.-
 Invitation without dinner: 1500.-

The invitations are available only in a limited number, so don’t hesitate, get you invitation as soon as possible! Why the rush? Believe us, this is the program that you do not want to miss, but for now, let it be a surprise: more information soon.

The invitations can be acquired online or at the NET (adress: 1089 Nagyvárad square 4.). Soon there will be more information available how and when to acquire them.

 Dress code: Black tie

The ceremony is private, only those who bought their invitations beforehand are allowed to enter the event.

By purchasing invitations you agree to the policy of the event and apply it to yourself during the ball.

Purchasing invitations on the spot will not be possible.

Further information is available at the Facebook event.

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