• Dear Students,

    In the Government Decree 40/2020. (III. 11.) issued on 11th March 2020, the Government of Hungary decided to declare an emergency in the whole area of Hungary in order to eliminate the consequences of the human epidemic (coronavirus) causing mass disease and endangering the safety of life and property, as well as to protect the health and life of citizens. In view of the emergency declared and in accordance with the normative decision issued by the National Chief Medical Officer of the National Centre of Public Health on 26th March 2020, students are forbidden to visit higher education institutions. As of today, the Rector of Semmelweis University provides the following information:

    The Rector orders a break from education on 30th-31st March 2020 (Monday, Tuesday).

    Distance education introduced on 23rd March 2020 will continue from 1st April 2020 (Wednesday).

    Dr. Béla Merkely