Entrance Examinations

Entrance examinations are organized by Semmelweis University and held in Budapest (at the premises of Semmelweis University or its cooperating partners), or worldwide at locations provided by officially appointed Semmelweis representatives.

Contents of the Entrance Exams

The exams consist of multiple choice tests in Biology, Chemistry and English (both general and biomedical), followed by a personal interview, which focuses on the applicant’s professional attitude, affinity and motivation towards medical sciences and also includes an oral examination to measure the applicant’s knowledge in Medical Biology, Medical Chemistry and English (both general and biomedical).

Main Specific Subjects for the Entrance Exams
for the Faculties of General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The main scientific fields covered by the exams are as follows:

  1. Evolution: chemical and biological aspects

  2. Chemical background in Biology: structure of atoms; chemical bonds; ionic compounds and molecules; solutions; types and energetics of chemical reactions; acid-base reactions; redox reactions; inorganic constituents of living organisms; hydrocarbons; organic compounds containing oxygen or sulphur; organic compounds containing nitrogen; carbohydrates; amino acids and proteins; lipids; vitamins; nucleic acids.

  3. The cell and its organization (morphology and function): Prokaryotes (bacteria) and Eukaryotes (focus on cilia and flagella, cell wall, cell membrane, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi, lysosome, mitochondrion, ribosome, centriole, nucleus, nucleolus).

  4. From cells to tissues of different structure and function.

  5. Cell division: mitosis and meiosis.

  6. Anabolic and catabolic pathways regarding nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids (bioenergetics included).

  7. The physiology of living organisms: respiration, ingestion and digestion, excretion, circulation, endocrine and neural regulation, immune-biology, locomotion.

  8. Reproduction and development of animals.

  9. Viruses.

  10. Genetics: Mendelian inheritance, human genetics.

Note: Knowledge of English terminology is required in all of these areas!

Recommended Textbooks

  • Ebbing-Gammon: General Chemistry (latest edition)
  • Stoker: General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry (latest edition)
  • Solomon-Martin-Martin-Berg: Biology (latest edition)
  • Lodish: Molecular Cell Biology (latest edition)


The applicants’ performance at the entrance examinations is evaluated by the Admission Committee of the University. The Board makes decisions regarding admissions on the basis of the skills, knowledge and attitude judged by the performance at the entrance examination and by the former scientific record of the applicants revealed by the documents attached to their applications. The University’s strategic aims, including those regarding geographical and cultural diversity and gender balance are also considered.


Applicants have to register (sign up) for the entrance examinations in SEMAPHOR after having submitted a valid application (and payed the Admission Procedure Fee). Registrations can only be withdrawn before the deadline for registration to the given examination. The absence of a registered applicant at the entrance examination is not considered as the withdrawal of registration but as an examination attended without valuable result.

Dates of Entrance Examinations in 2020

Applicants who have submitted their online applications can register for the following entrance examinations in SEMAPHOR. The application starts in February, 2020 and the deadline of submitting the applications is the 31st of May, the deadlines of registering to the individual examinations are indicated in the table.

CityCountryHost of the examination***
March 1February 23Tel-AvivIsraelRoni Fried – University International Studies
March 6-7February 28Abu DhabiU.A.E.Ghassan El Rifai – Univer360
March 6-7February 28HannoverGermanyChristopher Musmann – MEDIZINSTUDIUM
March 6-7February 28OsloNorwaySemmelweis University****
March 7February 29HoustonUSAZsolt Garami, MD
March 7-8February 29OsloNorwayBjørknes Høyskole
Solely for the students of Bjørknes Høyskole
March 21-22March 14MilanoItalyU4You University for You – Dafina Dicheva
March 28March 21TorontoCanadaGET GLOBAL EDUCATION - Ms. Julia Barta
March 28-29March 21BudapestHungarySemmelweis University****
April 3-4March 27Abu DhabiU.A.E.Ghassan El Rifai – Univer360
April 4March 28Los AngelesUSAGeorge Matsik
April 9-11April 2BudapestHungaryAvicenna International College
Solely for the students of Avicenna International College
April 11-12April 4ShanghaiChinaOSEN Medicine, Fay Wang
April 14-15April 7TokyoJapanHideya Ishikura – HMU
Solely for the students of HMU
April 15-16April 4Hong KongChinaOSEN Medicine, Fay Wang
April 18April 11StockholmSwedenSemmelweis University****
April 18March 28DelhiIndiaMs. Ranjit Plaha
April 20March 28MumbaiIndiaMs. Ranjit Plaha
April 21 April 14TaipeiChinaLincoln Management consultants co. – Michelle Shih
April 23-25 April 16BudapestHungaryMcDaniel College - College International
April 25-26 April 18SeoulSouth KoreaFEPC Korea
April 26April 19MadridSpainChristopher Musmann – MEDIZINSTUDIUM
April 27-29April 18SeoulSouth KoreaSM Pre-med Center
April 30 - May 2April 18SeoulSouth KoreaMedisociety Korea
May 10May 3BeijingChinaEU-Sino – Kelly Zhang
May 10-11May 3Tel-AvivIsraelRoni Fried – University International Studies
May 13-15 May 6BudapestHungaryMcDaniel College - College International
May 14-15May 7HannoverGermanyChristopher Musmann – MEDIZINSTUDIUM
May 15-16May 8Abu DhabiU.A.E.Ghassan El Rifai – Univer360
May 23-24May 16LondonUKMs. Ranjit Plaha
May 28-30May 21BudapestHungaryAvicenna International College
May 30-31May 23BudapestHungarySemmelweis University****
June 4-5 May 28BudapestHungaryMcDaniel College - College International
June 5-6May 29Abu DhabiU.A.E.Ghassan El Rifai – Univer360
June 6May 30Los AngelesUSAGeorge Matsik
June 6May 30BangkokThailandMedCoach International Consulting Co., Ltd. - Dr. Atchara Srisodsai
June 6-7May 30LimassolCyprusM.D.K. Charalambides Educational Consultants Ltd
June 6-7May 30OsloNorwayBjørknes Høyskole
Solely for the students of Bjørknes Høyskole
planned for mid JuneJune 1HoustonUSAZsolt Garami, MD
June 17-18June 10Tel-AvivIsraelRoni Fried – University International Studies
June 27June 20Los AngelesUSAGeorge Matsik
July 9-10July 2Tel-AvivIsraelRoni Fried – University International Studies
July 11-12July 4HannoverGermanyChristopher Musmann – MEDIZINSTUDIUM


*  Examination dates are subject to change.

** Deadlines in the table refer to registrations for individual examinations. Please keep in mind that the deadline of submitting your online application via SEMAPHOR is the 31st of May, 2020 irrespectively of the choice of entrance examination.

*** You may find the contact details of the hosts under Our representatives menu.

**** Please contact the Head of the English Division (Ms. Olga Ványi) at english.secretariat@semmelweis-univ.hu before deadline.