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Ph.D. Programmes

The the current Ph.D. programmes are available at the School of Ph.D. Studies’ website.

Semmelweis University’s Doctoral Schools

Doctoral SchoolScientific AreaScientific BranchHead of the Doctoral SchoolHungarian Accreditation Committee (MAB) Resolution Number and Date Put Into Effect
Doctoral School of Basic MedicineMedical ScienceBasic Medical Sciences
Dr. László Rosivall2011/1/X/4/2/414
Doctoral School of Clinical MedicineMedical ScienceClinical Medical Sciences
Dr. Tivadar Tulassay 2009/7/XIII/2/334
Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical SciencesMedical SciencePharmaceutical SciencesDr. Béla Noszál2011/1/X/4/2/416
János Szentágothai Doctoral School of NeurosciencesMedical ScienceBasic Medical Sciences; Clinical Medical SciencesDr. Dániel Bereczki 2009/7/XIII/2/321
Doctoral School of Molecular MedicineMedical ScienceBiological Sciences; Basic Medical Sciences; Clinical Medical SciencesDr. József Mandl 2009/7/XIII/2/340
Doctoral School of Pathological SciencesMedical ScienceHealth Sciences; Basic Medical Sciences; Clinical Medical SciencesDr. Ilona Kovalszky2011/1/X/4/2/418
Doctoral School of Mental Health SciencesMedical ScienceHealth Sciences; Clinical Medical SciencesDr. István Bitter2009/7/XIII/2/300