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Higher-level Vocational Training

According to Act CXXXIX of 2005 on Higher Education (currently in force), the precondition for admission to higher-level vocational training – with the exceptions defined in the law – is the successful completion of the secondary school leaving examination. Students studying in higher-level vocational training are eligible for bursaries and benefits as specified by the laws on vocational training. Students are required to take a vocational examination, in compliance with the provisions applying to vocational education.

Upon successful completion of the vocational examination, the University issues a certificate of vocational qualification as defined in the National Qualifications Register and, if requested by the student, will provide a certificate supplement, as well.

High-level vocational training counts as part of the state-funded period.

Semmelweis University provides higher-level vocational training in the following areas (as stated in the Founding Charter):

  1. Consultant of addictology – Faculty of Health Sciences
  2. Communicator of health sciences terminology – Faculty of Health Sciences
  3. Biostatistician – Faculty of Health and Public Services
  4. Health care project manager – Faculty of  Health Sciences
  5. Translator and interpreter with specialisation in health sciences – Faculty of Health Sciences
  6. Executive health care manager – Faculty of Health and Public Services
  7. Traditional Chinese Medicine – Faculty of Health Sciences
  8. Intercultural nursing – Faculty of Health Sciences
  9. Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) – Faculty of Health and Public Services
  10. Clinical Epidemiology – Faculty of Health Sciences
  11. Preparatory course for the lactation consultant exam – Faculty of Health Sciences
  12. Preparatory course for the pedagogical exam in the field of mental health – Faculty of Health Sciences
  13. Organisational development in the field of mental health – Faculty of Health Sciences
  14. Mental health caregiver – Faculty of Health and Public Sciences
  15. Creative rehabilitation therapy – Faculty of Health Sciences
  16. Wellness manager