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Academic Inquiries

General inquiries, transferring to Semmelweis, requests for verification of degrees granted by Semmelweis University, etc. For exchange programmes (e.g. ERASMUS), please see the exchange programmes section. For Admissions, please contact

Faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy (English Secretariat)
Ms. Olga Ványi
(Head of Secretariat) 459-15-00 / ext 60078
Ms. Edit Kovács
(Transfer applicants to Semmelweis) 459-15-00 / ext 60075
Ms. Andrea Kevi
(1st-2nd year Dentistry) 459-15-00 / ext 60081
Ms. Márta Reményi
(3rd-4th-5th year Dentistry) 459-15-00 / ext 60076
Mr. Csaba Istvánfi
(1st year Medicine) 459-15-00 / ext 60077
Mr. Szabolcs Piller
(2nd year Medicine) 459-15-00 / ext 60479
Ms. Orsolya Sajtos
(3rd year Medicine) 459-15-00 / ext 60073
Ms. Éva Kiss
(4th year Medicine) 459-15-00 / ext 60481
Ms. Adrienn Bácskai
(5th year Medicine) 459-15-00 / ext 60072
Ms. Sarolta Kokavecz
(6th year Medicine) 459-15-00/ ext 60074
Ms. Viktória Fekete
(6th year Medicine) 459-15-00/ ext 60071
Ms. Zenina Korponai
(1st- 5th year Pharmacy, USA & Canada Loan) 459-15-00 / ext 60479
Ms. Sonia Stroe
(Student card) 459-15-00 / ext 60079
Ms. Tímea Jurászik (Back-Office Administrator) 459-15-00 / ext 60080
Ms. Tímea Kapisinszky on leave (Please contact Ms. Zenina Korponai)
Ms. Petronella Szabó on leave (Please contact Ms. Sarolta Kokavecz)
Faculty of Health and Public Services
Ms. Blanka Törö 488-7616
Faculty of Health Sciences
Ms. Anna 486-5916
School of Ph.D. Studies
Ms. Krisztina Tölgyesi-Lová 487-9240


Ms. Katalin F. Tóth
(Faculties of Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy) 459-1491
Ms. Éva Sütő (Faculty of Health Sciences) 486-5905
All other exchange programmes
Directorate of International 317-9079


Dániel Oláh, M.D., M.Sc.
(Head of Office)
(+36) 20 666 3506
(+36) 30 369 2906



General comments and suggestions
Directorate of International 317-9079
Ms. Ágnes (+36-1) 459-1500, ext. 55240


Directorate of International Relations
Dr. Marcel Pop
(Director) 459-1473
Ms. Andrea Bolgá 459-1500, ext. 55285
Ms. Marianna Ková 459-1500, ext. 55412
Ms. Györgyi Maká 459-1500, ext. 55406
Ms. Agnes Raubinekraubinek.agnes@semmelweis-univ.huon maternity leave
Ms. Katalin Romhá 49-1500, ext. 55240
Ms. Judit Vadlövő 459-1500, ext. 55405
Ms. Marica 459-1500, ext. 55347
Faculty of Health Sciences - Department of International Relations
Ms Virginia Berger
Coordinator of International Affairs 486-5917

Press and

Directorate of Communication and