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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the home page of Institute of Health Informatics Development and Further Training (IHIDFT) of the Faculty of Health and Public Services of Semmelweis University. Our portal is presented in new site design and content offering better opportunities for the students to have an improved access to information on their studies, the facts about the activity of our institute and its life. One of our groups of activity dates back to 1986 when the information technology training of the students of  the Faculty of General Medicine, Dentistry and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences was introduced in Hungarian, English and German languages. Further two main fields of activity of IHIDFT is (i) BSc training of students of health care organisation, (ii) managing of the speciality of health care management organization, which the Institute has been doing  since the academic year of 2005/2006. The training time of the speciality lasts seven semesters. Students admitted to the University are helped by the acquired knowledge in organising the information system of health care, which involves the knowledge of the systems, structures, operational mechanisms of health care institutions. In the possession of a wide range of economic and financial knowledge gained during the courses they are able to perform tasks related to financing health care and creating resources and besides, they are in capacity of basic knowledge of accounting and taxation. The professional, medical knowledge is provided by the Faculty of General Medicine of Semmelweis University by teaching anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and the clinical subjects. Information technology is taught by the Faculty of  Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the University of Polytechnic and Economic Sciences in Budapest, however, the academic staff of Health Manager Training Centre is responsible for the education of quality control, controlling  and financial management. The specifically health care related and health care organisation subjects are taught in our institute. We are happy to experience that the interest in the speciality has been steadily increasing and in the academic year of 2011/2012 a record number of applicants and record number of entrants was admitted to our institute, which is appreciated as a pronounced success. As to the future, we are intending to increase the number of the first year students and to start further training programs. The information about the details will soon be available in our home page. Our objective is to train specialists who meet the requirements of the labour market and are prepared for the life-long learning and permanent education. The feed-back having got so far suggests we are on the right way, and this is the standard for us. We are proud, that one of our students was awarded the Scholarship of the Hungarian Republic for the excellent academic results, as you can get informed from our home page. Besides help in learning, very attentive student members of Students Government also give valuable assistance in the worthwhile spending of their free time.

Prof. Dr. Dinya, Elek