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Mátyus Péter

Prof. Péter Mátyus PhD, DSc

 MatyusPersonal Information:

Date and place of birth: May 29, 1952; Budapest
Citizenship: Hungarian
Languages: Hungarian, English, German
Address: Dept. Org. Chem., Semmelweis Univ., Hőgyes u. 7, Budapest, 1092
 e-mail:, phone/fax: +36-1-2170851


M.S. (Synthetic Organic Chemistry) Technical University Budapest, 1970-1975;
Litt. (Doctor) Technical University Budapest 1980;
Degree in Medicinal Chemistry (post-graduate) Technical University Budapest 1979-1981;
Habilitation, A. Szent-Györgyi Univ., Szeged 1997; 
C.Sc.(PhD), D.Sc. Hungarian Academy of Sciences (highest scientific degree).

Postdoctoral Fellowships:

Fellowship of the A.v. Humboldt-Foundation (Germany): Inst. für Organische Chemie und Biochemie der Univ. Bonn (H. Wamhoff) 1982-1984 (18 months), 1989, 1990 (6 months);
Fellowship of the Ciba-Geigy Foundation for Promotion of Sciences Japan: Inst. for Chem. Res. of Univ. Kyoto (K. Tanaka) 1992-93 (12 months);
Fellowship of the Australian Natl. University: John Curtin School of Medical Research (G. Barlin) Canberra 1993 (1 month), 1994 (3 months).
Visiting Professor for short courses/seminars (data for the last 3 years): University Cagliari (Italy); University Modena (Italy); University Palermo (Italy); National University Singapore (ranked as No. 1 university in Asia).

Professional Experiences:

Institute for Drug Research
         1975-97, last position: Head of Division (100-Staff)
Current positions:
Semmelweis University, Department of Organic Chemistry,
         1997- 2016, Head
Semmelweis University, Drug Discovery and Safety Centre,
         2008- Director
Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Faculty of Information Technology,
         2012-2014 Professor
Bionics Innovation Center Nonprofit Ltd.
         2014-2016 Scientific Director; 2016- CEO



1999-2007 Chair of the Division of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry of the Hungarian Chemical Society (re-elected twice). 2007-2011 President of the Hungarian Chemical Society. 2002-2006 Member of the Council of Scientists, INTAS (EU, Brussels; re-elected).
Associate Editor of Future Med. Chem.
2004-2010 Member of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of Education and Training Committee of European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (re-elected).
Member of Medicinal Chemistry Subcommittee of IUPAC.
Member of ACS.
Co-Founder and Board member of Paul Ehrlich MedChem Euro-PhD Network (including >20 European Universities).

Teaching experience:

More than 20 years experiences in delivering main lectures (Organic chemistry and Medicinal chemistry) in teaching courses for pharmaceutical and chemistry students, more recently for students in Infobionics, Medical Biotechnology at graduate and postgraduate levels. Seminars in special topics with the same subjects. Supervision of PhD students. All teaching activities (in Hungarian, English) include domestic and foreign Universities. Invited lecturer for many courses/seminars.

Research Interest:

Medicinal chemistry of cardiovascular, central nervous systems and amine oxidases; molecular modeling and synthesis of biologically active compounds. Synthetic and mechanistic chemistry of pyridazines and nitrogen containing heterocyclic systems. Drug design.
Molecular imaging, diagnostics.

Publications, inventions, conferences and editorial activities:

>180 original papers (IF: >340);
1 book in 3 volumes and 2 editions (Organic Chemistry, in Hungarian), >10 chapters (2 in Hungarian, 7 in English) in various books;
25 patented inventions (in most of them as main inventor).
4 invented drug candidates entered clinical trials.

>300 presentations (including many invited/plenary lectures) at National and International Scientific Meetings. Seminars and courses at various universities worldwide.

Chairman: 5th International Symposium on the Chemistry and Pharmacology of Pyridazines; Hungarian-German-Italian-Polish Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry (2001). Metabolic Disorders: From Bench to Bedside (2008); Biennial Natl. Meeting of Hungarian Chemists (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007). Hungarian Natl Chem. Meeting (2011). Co-chairman: XXIth European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry (2004); Workshop on alpha2-Adrenoceptors (2006); Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry (10 European countries, 2009); ICOS-20 (IUPAC, World Conference, 2014).
Guest Editor: THEOCHEM (2000/1-2); Acta Pharm. Hung. (2001/1); Curr. Med. Chem. (2004/1), Curr. Org. Chem. (2006/2); Future Med. Chem. (2010).
Associate Editor: Future Med. Chem.


Zemplén-Prize, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1989. ‘Nívó’-Prize, Hungarian Chemical Society, 1996. Genius Prize, Committee of the Hungarian Inventors, (twice) 1996, 1998. Jedlik Ányos Prize, Hungarian Patent Office, 2002. Kazay Prize, Hungarian Pharmaceutical Society, 2004. Than Károly Prize, Hungarian Chemical Society, 2005. Náray-Szabó Gábor Prize, Hungarian Chemical Society, 2006. Bruckner Prize, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 2009. PhD-Educational Prize, Semmelweis University, 2011.
Gabor Denes-Prize for Innovation, 2013 (the most prestigious award for innovation in Hungary).


Budapest, 2016