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In accordance with the conference title Health and Social Care Perspectives for a Sustainable Future’ we will address four sub-themes in the 2015 Cohehre conference:

1. Global partnerships for health and social care education

  • Global development
  • Work of international organisations
  • How to facilitate the exchange and development of good practices and create knowledge

2. Innovative and sustainable teaching for health and social care education

  • The problems and challenges we face in health and social care education
  • Competences of the future for teachers and students. Teaching students in a way that they don’t think about this moment only but about the future as well. What are the competences needed to develop in the future
  • Innovative and sustainable, we should develop things that could be used by everyone not just for the ones with money who can afford to have them. Equality in access to these methods
  • Concept of gamification, development of apps etc
  • Give adequate answers to social questions
  • Personalised learning. Different solutions for different kind of learners

3. New challenges in health and social care services

  • Bridging health and social domain
  • Develop answers to new challenges in community
  • Health awareness
  • Community development
  • E-patient. Telecare. Business orientation/health effects

4. Equity in health and social care

  • Mapping of the invisible group
  • How to identify the groups that are invisible to the health care system
  • Biopolitics = the power-related control of the body
  • Entitlement and access to health and social care system for migrant and minorities populations
  • Cross-sectorial approach