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Invisible Exhibition and Dinner

This photo of Invisible Exhibition (Lathatatlan Kiallitas) is courtesy of TripAdvisor

20th April from 18.00

 Imagine that all the lights go out…

The Invisible Exhibition is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world, where in total darkness you find your way only by touch, sounds and scent.

At this exhibition you will be able to understand what life is like without one of the senses that provide us the most information, to live without your sight.
Or… perhaps feels natural?
Could an hour of blindness open your eyes?

At the Invisible Exhibition Budapest the participants obtain information exclusively through touch, hearing, scent and their sense of balance. This way, in the new situation caused by the loss of sight and despite the difficulties, they can experience that the world can be still beautiful without this key sense.

The Exhibition brings the world of the blind and the seeing closer to each other and teaches through positive experiences how we can help them, even understand them.

In this invisible journey you will be lead by blind or partially sighted people at 7 differently furnished places. Groups start every 15 minutes.

The rooms represent our daily life: street, where you have to cross the road; a bar, where you try to pay for a drink; a museum, with statues.

Have you ever seen a talking clock before?
A Braille typewriter?
Or perhaps talking scales?

At the other venue of the exhibition you’ll be shown the devices and objects which are used by blind people in their daily life.
Let us show you how the world changes around you and how you yourself also change in it.

 Invisible dinner

Imagine that all the lights go out!

You can enjoy the food and drinks you have selected in the complete darkness of the restaurant without the help of any visual aid.

What flavours do you find on the on the Invisible Surprise Platter?
Taste and feel!

You will be surrounded by tastes and smells, sweet, bitter, ripe, crunchy, peppery… You cannot see it, you taste it. During The Invisible Dinner, you will be surprised by how developed your sense of smell and taste really are and how much the smells and flavours expand without your sight.

Invisible Exhibition Budapest – Have blind faith!

How to get there:

The Millenáris Park is 5 minutes on foot from Széll Kálmán tér.

To get to the entrance, you have to walk on Lövőház utca (between Mammut 1 and 2) until the first cross street, Fény utca.

You have to turn right, after 200 meters you will find the entrance of Millenáris Park.

You can approach the Millenáris Park with Metro 2, with tram 18, 59, 61, with bus 5, 16, 102, 139 (to Széll Kálmán tér) and with tram 4 or 6 (replacement buses 4-6 going from Oktogon due to construction work) (to Széna tér).