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Student conference

20-24 APRIL 2015
THEME Diversity and Social Inclusion

From 19 till 25th of April 2015, we organize the Cohehre Student Conference next to the Annual Conference of the consortium at Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary.

Time and Venue: Budapest, Hungary, 20-24 April 2015
Arrival: 19th of April 2015
Programme: 20-24th of April 2015
Departure: 25th of April 2015
Target group: students of healthcare professions, social work or applied psychology
Credits: 3 ECTS
Coordinating institution: Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary
Contact: Dobos Attila –
Contact Cohehre:


The coming three years the student conference attached to the Annual Conference of Cohehre will focus on ‘Diversity and social exclusion’ as a central theme. The programme aims at enhancing awareness of different kinds of social inequalities in society and particular in the health care and social field. Students will work in multi-professional groups in a week programme to explore and analyse the topic. Subjects will be studied and adapted both from European perspective and related to the context of the hosting country and to focus on strategies to counter inequalities in society.

Goals & learning outcomes:

After completing the course:

• The student defines the central concepts of social inclusion; diversity, equality, freedom and responsibility
• The student is able to give examples of different kinds of social inequalities in key areas of social life: home life, work/school/studying and when having free time.
• The student describes and is aware about the importance of cultural sensitivity, intercultural communication and cooperation skills as core competences for future professionals
• The student is able to apply the knowledge by doing case based interdisciplinary grounded problem solving


During the programme we use ‘city exploration’ as a central method to put theory into practice. The urban environment provides a learning context for this assignment.
The city exploration starts with introducing the city and its different neighbourhoods by means of a lecture and a city walk. Students are divided in small groups with respect to mixed professional and cultural background. They receive more detailed information on one specific neighbourhood of the city. This information contains a ‘survival kit’, e.g. a map of the neighbourhood, contact information for places of interest, articles and figures on the area and contact information of a ‘tutor’. A privileged contact or study visit is the starting point. They have to confront their new experiences with the experiences in their home country.

Exchange of products and peer assessment:

At the end of the two days, the different groups exchange their products. The experience of a different area confronts them with the disparities between the different areas and as such the diversity that may exist within one city. After the visit, a peer evaluation session is organized based on the experience of the neighbourhood walks.

Plenary debate during the Annual Cohehre Conference

The final part of the student conference is a presentation and a debate on the learning outcomes with the participants of the annual conference. It allows the participants to share and discuss what they learned during this 5 day-programme.

Structure of the course (Module II.)

Structure of the course (2).0-page-001



Early Bird fee (latest 12 March)

€ 200

Student fee (13 March-1 April)

€ 250

Semmelweis students

€ 100

1 student per institution

€ 0

As Budapest is a very popular and attractive city to visit, many hostels might be fully booked or not so well located. Therefore, Cohehre has reserved rooms for a total of 40 students at the Maverick City Lodge. The newly built City Lodge is in the heart of the city center of Budapest. Most city attractions are in walking distance, and the wonderfully eclectic streets in the neighborhood are dotted with lots of restaurants featuring local and international cuisine, concert venues, modern bars, and ruined pubs: all with their unique characters to explore.

There are 2 price categories:

1. 6 or 4 bed dorms with towels, shared bathroom and breakfast for 6 nights: €100/person
2. Double bedrooms with towels, shared bathroom for doubles, and breakfast for 6 nights: €150/person

Those rooms above will only be offered until the 1st of March 2015 and can only be booked via the COHEHRE Administrative office:

You are of course welcome to book your own accommodation but it might add to the group spirit to stay in one place.

If you wish to have a travel card for 5 days, which we do recommend, it would be € 15/person




€ 300

Early bird registration fee
(incl. teaching, teaching materials, refreshments and lunches on teaching days, social program)

€ 200

1 bed in a dorm + towels + breakfast for 6 nights
+ Travel Card for 5 days

€ 100

Please, do bear in mind that one student per institution doesn’t pay the registration fee!!!!