Those who are interested in holding a prevention class must first undergo training and take a test. The purpose of this is simply to ensure that you are prepared for your topic and know what to cover during your class. Once you’ve passed your test, you’re ready to go! BMSA will organize everything beyond that, so all you need to do is show up and teach! For those who might not feel comfortable holding a class on their own the first time, they’ll be able to join with someone else and help.

For English speaking students only the AMR, Health and Nutrition, Human Rights and Peace sections and the Teddy Bear Hospital are available right now. If many of you are interested, we will also involve other topics.

Additionally, we organize events to raise awareness for various topics or diseases, such as Melanoma day, AIDS Day, World Antibiotics Awareness Week, etc. We also perform screening for diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

For more information about our preventive medicine activities and how to take part in them please contact: