Dear EMSA family,
It is my pleasure to announce that the next EMSA Autumn Assembly will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania from 1st to 7th September 2018.
The theme of the assembly will be the eHealth Era.
We look forward to having an informative symposium, interactive workshops, soft-skill trainings, working sessions of the EMSA pillars, engaging discussions and fruitful plenary debates, elections of the EMSA European Board 2017-2018 and much more. More details about the event can be found below, in the EMSA Europe Website, in the Facebook Event, or in the AA2018 event welcome booklet you will receive in your inboxes from Organizing Committee of EMSA Cluj today!
The participation fee including catering and lodging will be 170 €. There will not be an option to attend the assembly without accommodation since the accommodation is provided by university dorms and the pricing would be the same.
There shall be two registration periods*:
  1. Representatives’ registrations (20.04. – 15.05.2017) for members of the EMSA European Board, Local Coordinators and National Coordinators as well as invited guests,
  2. Members’ registrations (11.05. – 01.06.2017) for all members of EMSA
    1. to enable a regional balance, a limited number of members per faculty will be accepted immediately and the rest will be put on a waiting list; details about the acceptance policy will be announced in the beginning of May,
    2. Starting from AA2018, we are implementing a new member confirmation system, we request our NCs and LCs to stay tuned for the mails on the matter in the upcoming days.
*EMSA Europe and the Organising Committee reserve the right to accept registrations and to make changes to this timeline. The registration will be possible through the EMSA webpage (
Besides from the AA2018 programme, which has 5 full working days in its agenda (01-07.09.2018), there are preAA and postAA events available for interested members. Their details are as follows:
  • PreAA for NCs: 31.08 – 01.09. The fee is 10 € and will include accomodation (same place), the necessary materials, coffee breaks and meals (dinner on the 31st, breakfast and lunch on the 1st). The registration for the NC preAA programme is only available to National Coordinators or one NC proxy per country.
  • PostAA field trip: 07.09 – 09.09. The fee is 50 € and will include transportation, 2 nights of accommodation, 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts. PostAA field trip is open to all interested participants of AA2018.
Registrations for representatives will be opening in 20.04 through EMSA Europe Website! We are looking forward to seeing you Cluj-Napoca this autumn! Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.