Are you in search of an experience that would drastically improve your practical skills as a medical student and at the same time provide the occasion of working along with an international team while having memorable fun?

By organizing/hosting the 2nd edition of BIMSW in July and August 2018, with yet 5 weeks of highest standard medical simulation training sessions, team CEDRU ForLife is aiming to cultivate your ambition of becoming a proficient medical professional, with an impressive set of practical skills.

The high-end medical simulators in LifeSim Medical Simulation Center in Bucharest along with our enthusiastic team, trained according to the highest European standards, make the facility one of the best of its category in Eastern Europe.

What are the WEEKS you can choose from?

23rd-29thJuly: Cardiology Week
30th July-5th August: OBGYN Week
13th-19th August: Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy
20th August-24th August: Laparoscopy
27th August-2nd September: Gastroenterology

To whom is BIMSW addressed?

We seek participants amongst medical students, within years varying according to the criteria mentioned on the separate event pages of every one of the weeks.

Registration period: 23rd January-15th May

So, will you take part in one of Europe’s foremost medical simulation events? You will also get to know your international team during leisure activities and the trips outside of Bucharest, which are sure to give you a taste of the summertime fun in Romania!

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