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Recommended books and handouts

  • Ebbing: General Chemistry VI Edition. (General Chemistry)
  • Hrabák-Csermely-Bauer: Principles of Organic Chemistry(manuscript) (Organic Chemistry)
  • Sasvári: Bioorganic compounds (manuscript) (Organic Chemistry)
  • Tóth: Concise inorganic chemistry for Medical Students (manuscript) (Inorganic chemistry)
  • Hrabák : Selected Collection of Chemical Calculations (manuscript) (Laboratory lessons)
  • Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory Manual (manuscript) (Laboratory lessons)
Manuscripts can be bought in the shop of Semmelweis Publisher

  • EOK-Building, Budapest IX., Tűzoltó utca 37-47. H-1085 (“EOK KÖNYVESBOLT”)
  • Budapest VIII., Nagyvárad tér 4. H-1085

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