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Biochem 2 (DEN)


Thursday 08:00-09:10 Szent-Györgyi Albert Lecture Hall
Friday 14:20-15:30 Hevesy György Lecture Hall

Semmelweis University Budapest IX., Tűzoltó utca 37-47 H-1094

Lecturers: László Tretter MD, PhD, DSc (LT), József Mandl MD, PhD, DSc, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (JM), Mária Sasvári MD, PhD, DSc (MS),, Kraszimir Kolev MD, PhD, DSc (KK), Miklós Csala MD, PhD (MCs), Erzsébet Komorowicz MD, PhD

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    Bioenergetics, metabolism of carbohydrates
01 2017.09.14 Glycolysis (MCs)
  2017.09.15 Formation of acetyl-CoA – pyruvate-dehydrogenase (MCs)
02 2017.09.21 Citrate cycle (MCs)
  2017.09.22 Gluconeogenesis. Glycogen metabolism (JM)
03 2017.09.28 Regulation of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis. (JM)
  2017.09.29 Regulation of glycogen metabolism. (JM)
04 2017.10.05 Regulation of blood glucose level. (JM)
  2017.10.06 Diabetes mellitus (JM)
05 2017.10.12 Degradation and synthesis of various carbohydrates. (JM)
    Metabolism of lipids, steroid hormones, eicosanoides
  2017.10.13 Metabolism of lipids – overview. Absorption of lipids. (LT)
06 2017.10.19 Oxidation of fatty acids, ketone bodies. (LT)
  2017.10.20 Synthesis of fatty acids. (LT)
07  2017.10.26 Lipoprotein metabolism. (LT)
  2017.10.27 Cholesterol homeostasis: sources of cholesterol in the cell, absorption of dietary cholesterol and inter-organ transport of cholesterol. Disposal of cholesterol and the role of bile acids. (KK)
08 2017.11.02 Regulatory mechanisms in cholesterol homeostasis, metabolic receptors and their function in the liver, intestine and blood vessel wall. Biochemistry of atherosclerosis. (KK)
  2017.11.03 Biosynthesis of steroid hormones in the adrenal cortex. Effects of mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids, regulation of their biosynthesis. Signal transduction of steroid hormone receptors, genomic and non-genomic actions of steroid hormones. Congenital adrenal hyperplasias. (EK)
09 2017.11.09 Biosynthesis of sexual hormones. Cyclic changes in the ovaries, the cooperation of granulosa and theca interna cells. Placental progesterone and estradiol synthesis. (EK)
  2017.11.10 Eicosanoids: prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes. The cyclooxygenase and the lipoxygenase pathways. Effects of eicosanoids on: platelet aggregation, gastric mucosal protection, myometrial contractility, inflammation. (EK)
    Metabolism of amino acids
10 2017.11.16 Metabolism of amino acids: the fate of the amino group. (MS)
  2017.11.17 Metabolism of amino acid: the fate of the carbon sceleton. (MS)
11 2017.11.23 Biosynthesis of nonessential amino acids and other amino acid derivatives. (MS)
    Metabolims of nucleotides, porphyrins and bile pigments
  2017.11.24 Synthesis and catabolism of purine nucleotides. (MS) 
12 2017.11.30 Pyrimidine nucleotide metabolism. Synthesis of deoxyribonucleotides (MS)
  2017.12.01 Metabolism of porphyrins and bile pigments (MS)
    Integration of metabolism
13 2017.12.07 Metabolism of red blood cells. Red blood cell enzymopathies. (LT)
  2017.12.08 Metabolism of skeletal and cardiac muscle, the role of SREBP, PPAR alpha and beta, (LT)
14 2017.12.14 Intermediary metabolism of kidney, metabolism in kidney cortex and medulla. (LT)
  2017.12.15 Regulation of the well-fed state and starvation. (LT)

Lab. lessons & seminars

Laboratory lessons and seminars are held at laboratory rooms of the Deparment (EOK-Building, Budapest IX., Tűzoltó utca 37-47. H-1094, 1st floor, passage ‘C’)

01 2017.09.12 Safety rules. Priciples of bioenergetics (Seminar)
02 2017.09.19 Competitive inhibition of succinate dehydrogenase (lab)
03 2017.09.26 Lactic acidosis (Seminar)
04 2017.10.03 Fructose intolerance & McArdle’s disease (Seminar)
05 2017.10.10 Oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria (lab)
06 2017.10.17 Enzyme kinetics – computer simulation (lab)
07 2017.10.24 Allosteric regulation of pyruvate kinase (lab)
08 2017.10.31 Signaltransduction of insulin (Seminar)
09 2017.11.07 Digestion of lipids, role of bile acidsSubstrate specificity of trypsin and chymotrypsin. (lab)
10 2017.11.14 Lipoprotein lipase, & carnitine deficiency (Seminar)
11 2017.11.21 Glutamate-dehydrogenase
12 2017.11.28 Hereditary hyperammonemias. (Seminar)
13 2017.12.05 Determination of serum cholesterol and triglyceride (lab)
14 2017.12.12 Vitamin B12 deficiency, methylmalonic acidemia (Seminar)


Laboratory lessons and seminars are held at laboratory rooms of the Deparment (EOK-Building, Budapest IX., Tűzoltó utca 37-47. H-1094, 1st floor, passage ‘C’)

Groups of dentistry students

Group Day Time Laboratory/seminar teacher
ED1 Tuesday 10:25_12:55 Vér,  Ágota dr
ED2 Tuesday 10:25_12:55 Léránt, István dr/Végh, Miklós dr
ED3 Tuesday 10:25_12:55 Farkas, Veronika
ED4 Tuesday 10:25_12:55 Bak, Judit  dr/  Horváth, Gergő dr

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Subject matter: Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology 2

Fall semester of 2017/2018 academic year

Head of Deparment of Medical Biochemistry: Prof. Tretter, László

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Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology 2 Dentistry FOKOOBI…_2A


  • Teaching secretary: Dr. István  Léránt +36-1-459 1500#60034; +36-20-663-2267
  • Students Affairs Secretary: Mr. Zsolt Ozsváth EOK Building, 1st Floor, Passage ‘C’; +36-1-459 1500#60061
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