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3rd year Medicine

2018-2019 2nd Semester

Lectures – Academic Year 2018_2019 2nd Semester

Practices – Academic Year 2018_2019 2nd Semester

Diseases of the anterior pituitary (Dr. Baló)
Disorders of the adrenal cortex (Dr. Baló)
Adrenocortical hypofunction_Polyglandular autoimmune syndrome (Dr. Baló)
Diabetes mellitus – Etiology and pathogenesis_Clinical forms (Dr. Hosszúfalusi)
Treatment of diabetes mellitus (Dr. Hosszúfalusi)
Complications of diabetes mellitus (Dr. Hosszúfalusi)
Parathyroid disease and calcium metabolism (Dr. Varga)
Phaeochromocytoma (Prof. Fenyvesi)
Thyroid diseases (Dr. Keltai)



2018-2019 1st Semester

Practice information
Practice schedule

History taking in medicine and inspection (Prof. Fenyvesi)
Palpation-Percussion (Dr. Kempler)
Physical diagnosis of common pleural and pulmonary syndromes I-II (Dr. Kempler)
Physical examination of the heart_Heart sounds_Heart murmurs (Prof. Fenyvesi)
Diagnosis of heart valve disease – part 1_ Aortic valve disease (Dr. Pozsonyi)
Diagnosis of heart valve disease – part 2 (Dr. Pozsonyi)
General diagnostics of haematological diseases (Dr. Farkas)
Fever (Dr. Temesszentandrási)
General signs and symptoms of abdominal diseases (Dr. Förhécz)
The general diagnostics of liver biliary tract and pancreatic diseases (Prof. Kalabay)
General diagnostics of the urinary tract (Dr. Keltai)
Physical examination of the musculoskeletal and nervous system (Prof. Pánczél)