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Internal Medicine 2017/2018

Topic list of propedeutics

2017/2018 Topic list

Practical questions

Head-neck examinationPalpation of thyreoid gland
Back chest (lung) palpationBack chest (lung) percussion
Back chest (lung) auscultationHeart palpation/percussion
Heart auscultationAuscultation of abdomen/percussion of liver dullness
Palpation of abdomenBlood pressure measurement
Pulse examinationsBasic examination of musculoskeletal system

Theoretical topics I.

History taking in generalRole of inspection
Basics of palpationBasics of percussion
Basics of auscultationBody temperature (measurement, alterations)
Body weight measurement, changesExamination of pulse, pulse qualities
Common symptoms of respiratory systemInspection of chest
Palpation of back chest, lungPercussion of lung
Auscultation of lungDiagnostics of respiratory tract disorders
Common symptoms of cardiovascular diseasesPalpation of heart, the apex impulse
Percussion of heart, heart dullnessAuscultation of heart, heart sounds
Examination of arteriesExamination of veins
Common symptoms of abdomenInspection of abdomen, auscultation of bowel sounds
Percussion of abdomenPalpation of abdomen
Common symptoms and signs in urinary tract disordersPalpation/percussion of urinary tract system
Diagnostics of urinary tract system Clinical symptoms and signs of endocrine system
Main symptoms and clinical signs of hematological diseasesSymptoms and signs of anemia
Examination of lymph nodesCommon symptoms and signs of malignancies
Symptoms and signs of musculoskeletal diseasesSymptoms and signs of myopathy

Theoretical topics II.

Chest syndrome I-hydrothorax syndromeChest syndrome II-infiltration syndrome
Chest syndrome III-atelactasis syndromeChest syndrome IV-pneumothorax syndrome
Common respiratory tract disorders: pneumonia, COPD, PEDescription of the murmurs
Valve dysfunction I: Aortic stenosis, aortic insufficiencyValve dysfunction II: Mitral stenosis, insufficiency
Ischemic heart disease Cadiac decompensation, heart failure
Carditis: types, symptomsAcute abdomen
Hepatomegaly, splenomegalyLiver cirrhosis
Nephrotic/nephritis syndromeAcute renal failure/chronic renal failure
Main endocrine syndromes I: hypo/hyperthyreoidismMain endocrine syndromes II: Cushing syndrome/acute suprarenal gland insufficiency
Main endocrine syndromes III: acromegaly, carcinoid syndromeSymptoms and physical findings in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus
Etiology of anemiasIron deficiency anemia
Macrocytic anemiaEtiology of lymphadenopathy
OsteoarthritisClassification of arthritis
SpondylarthropathiesRheumatoid arthritis
Treatment approach in malignanciesLaboratory methods in practice
Aspects of medical imagings