Dr. Gabriella Lengyel, habilitated associate professor
Dr. Klára Werling, associate professor
Dr. Krisztina Hagymási, assistant professor
Dr. Zoltán Péter, senior physician
Dr. Anna Egresi, Ph.D. student

One of the main hepatological center in Hungary. Members of the group hold consultation for hepatological patients with different etiology (pre-appointment is needed). One of the main profile is the treatment and care of viral hepatitis patients. Non-alcoholic steatosis and steatohepatitis is another important field of the hepatology group, as well as the investigation of non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis (Shear Wave Elastography operates with the cooperation with our Radiological Department).
There is cooperation with The Transplantational and Surgical Department regarding the preparation of patients for liver transplantation. We hold consultation for gynecological patients (cholestatic liver disorders in pregnancy, hepatitis infection, in vitro fertilisation program) and dermatological patients with liver problem as well.

The members of the group take part in national and international trials and give lectures on national and international congressses.
National Society of Viral Hepatitis Patients works on the Department, giving consultations, lectures and support for viral hepatitis patients. The head of the Society is Dr. Klára Werling.